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Hajj Packages 2024

As Hajj is the fifth and last pillar of Islam, it has great importance and respect in the hearts of Muslims. Every Muslim, who is financially blessed and can afford the expenses required for reaching there at Mecca, is obliged to perform Hajj. To fulfill this obligatory pillar of Deen, many companies have started giving reasonable visiting Hajj and Umrah packages which include a number of facilities.

Visiting According To Your Finances

The first facility provided by these packages is that if your financial condition is not strong enough to tackle all the expenses easily then there are also some lenient packages that let you visit the holy places on a short and reasonable budget. Also, if your financial condition is strong then these packages will guide you to choose the right way of spending money.

Arrangements For Residence And Traveling

Once you are done with all the necessary documents and requirements, the company will be arranging your residence venue, so that you don’t get worried about anything after reaching there. They will be providing you with facilities of food, facilities for transport, arranging your tickets and a lot more to make things easier.

Guidance Till The End Of Journey

There will always be a guiding hand behind providing all the information about where you have to visit and what is the holy importance of the places you are visiting. They will make your short tour worthwhile by managing a visit to important Islamic historical points known as Ziarats.

Make A Visit To Madina

Most of the packages also provide you the facility of visiting Medina and performing Umrah which is a plus point. Performing Hajj as well as Umrah at the same time will surely raise your ranks in front of Allah and will also provide you with inner peace after visiting the holiest places.

Beware Of Devious Companies

Now, another thing to consider if you are planning for a visit is that which company to choose. There are a number of companies which will show you big dreams regarding the visit and will ask a huge amount for it but will do nothing except dodging. So before deciding on a tour guide, one should follow the following instructions:

>> Make sure that the company is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.
>> never give a single penny without having all the agreements signed on a page.
>> Investigate that the company is backed by a government, so in any sort of circumstances, you will be able to rely on government facilities.
>> don't give the full amount of package in cash.
So, if you have gathered all the necessities then keep the above points in your mind and make a trip to Mecca and Medina to perform this obligatory prayer for Allah.