What to bring as a gift while coming back from the sacred journey?

Posted on 22/12/2018

Are you going to Umrah and you have a list of gifts to buy" Many questions came in mind when we are in the state of Ihram for our ethical manner and wanted to buy a gift. First of all, you go on a spiritual journey, so you should leave with a lot of Ajra and Savab from the Almighty. After all, the reward for the acts that Allah will give in the next life of a Muslim is so important and valuable. In this manner, here are some ideas that are helpful for buying gifts for your friends and family.  
Buy Dates These edible fruits has particular importance in the Muslims. You will find dates everywhere at all prices. This is one of the specific gifts that every person wishes to buy their loved one. The dates are available in Mecca as well as in Medina. The Prophet (PBUH) said that one who eats seven fruits of dates of the Ajwa variety in the morning on an empty stomach is protected from witchcraft and poison on this day. The dates are nutritious and very satisfying. The dates prices vary from year to year. Meanwhile, it becomes a nice gift. Most of the pilgrimage think that buying a date from the world of Ihram is like the blessing of Allah.  
The Abaya, Hijabs, and Qamis These are the special gift that everyone like, especially the female one. It is like something that comes in every taste. By cons, you can also buy for 30 riyals’ dresses of prayers. Most of the female pilgrimage love to wear because it entirely covered the whole body. It became preferable to buy light floral cotton dresses for worship. As a gift, you can buy built-in hijab, and you'll find them in shops that sell abayas.  
Bring Zamzam water The miraculous water Zam-Zam is the cleanest water in the world. There are legends about its healing properties. Currently, passengers of international flights that depart from the airports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are entitled to free transportation of up to five liters of blessed water. This is a unique opportunity for everyone who returns after completing the spiritual obligations. At the same time, it is worth considering that only Zamzam water is suitable for us.  
Spiritual literature. There are bookstores with specialized books in Mecca (in the al-Aziziyah region) and in Medina (near the Masjid al-Nabawi Mosque). If you or your friends are genuinely interested in the intricacies of Islamic culture, then the choice of a rare publication will be beneficial. Final verdicts: So, if you wish to perform the spiritual obligation then consider the Cheapumrahpackage.org.uk rather than another travel agency. There is a vast range of Umrah Package Deals that come into your field.