Prevalent Health and spiritual benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

Posted on 25/06/2015

Fasting is considered as the oldest act of worshiping not only in Islam but also it has been the inherent part of the various religions, including Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism, but the fasting in Islam in the month of Ramadan brings numerous physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects for a man.

The topic has been much in contention among medical and scientific researchers whether the fasting is beneficial for a man’s health or not and now after a great research by various medical and scientific researchers, it has been proved the most predominant beneficial effects of fasting for a human body beyond the spiritual and emotional gains.

Fasting is Healing for the digestive system

Fasting is called among Muslim scholars, the miracle-cure because it brings uncountable health remedies for the human body, including allergies, arthritis, skin condition, asthma, disorder of all kinds of body and many more, Are physical benefits of fasting are really so broad" The answer is yes, they are because according to the modern research fasting affects every part of human-being.
The main profit for a human body is to check over-indulgence which has become a common physical problem in the modern era. Fasting is a wonderful source of antinode for our over-indulging as during fasting, we rest our body and digestive system for a constant period of food and water suffers. It frees up the energy and diverted to healing and recuperation. It can repair cells, tissue and organs.
 Physically fasting gives high benefits to the digestive diseases in which our modern population is plagued.

Cure for the over-weight individuals:

Losing weight is one of the greatest benefits of fasting as fasting prevents us from over-eating that is the main cause of over-weight. However the consequences of losing weight vary from person to person as per the metabolism pattern or body chemistry.
Fasting as a remedy to lose weight carries many other advantages, including self-control of eating food. The continued fasting in the Month of Ramadan is beneficial for serious obesity as fast, supports not only medical but also has physiological effects. Because of the lack of incoming energy the body must have to return to its own resources that results, breaking down of fat stores in the body for producing energy.

Researchers have proved, the skipping a meal or stop eating for the whole day can actually be effective for losing weight.

Fasting as a source of improvement, mental and emotional condition:

Fasting improves the mental clarity of a person who indulge himself in fasting that gives him a freedom, flexibility in the life and energy to be patient for a long time.
Many experienced artists, athletes, writers have found it helpful to boost up the energy to work as it keeps the man patient and boost up the self-control. During fast one can easily feel the need of poor, hunger, the thirst as the experience will be deeply personal and individual.
Benefits of fasting have spread into all areas of our lives. It helps to improve health problems along with spiritual and mental clarity. Fasting is currently practiced that grows mental and physical condition and delivers more and more meaningful advantages.
Image credit: Khaleej times