How To Wear Ihraam And Restriction Of Ihraam

Posted on 31/12/2018

When you are performing the activities of Umrah or the Hajj, then there are certain restrictions or the conditions that are to be applied to the Ihram performance. Right through this blog post, we will be discussing in detail about some of the critical restrictions being put on Ihraam activities in Islam!

It is essential to do the shaving the hair of the head and you would be finding so many Muslims who have at some point of time added the prohibition over the shaving of the head or removal of any hair from any part of the body or the trimming or cutting down of the nails as well.
The next restriction is about the usage of the perfume just as after entering the Ihraam. In order to make the use of the fragrance is complete forbidden in the Ihraam for the fact that Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) restricted that any kind of the man whose camel trampled him to death, they should be washing him with water and then with the use of lotus leaves and shroud him in his pieces of the two garments, but do not at all completely be covering the head or perfume him with the use of hanoot.”

You also need to stay much often as restricted as on means of touching any other person wife with somehow desire as the person should not have sexual relations (with his wife) and is not coming as to be permissible for him to touch his wife with desire.

Cutting down of the trees is also not allowed except for those trees within the amyaal, such as with the boundaries of the sanctuary, or the cutting which is forbidden whether one is in ihraam or not.  This is an important thing to keep in mind when performing this task.

One of the main prohibitions of ihraam that somehow, on the whole, applies only to women is known as niqaab that hence it would merely refer to a veil that covers the face and leaves the eyes uncovered. This is somehow taken to be probably crucial as for the fact that Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) restrict the Muslims to do so. Thus the one such kind of prohibition applies to the burqa’ as the woman enters into the performance of the ihraam; she should not wear a niqaab or any burqa.

It has been said by the Allah Almighty that you should not perform any act of killing when you are in the condition of Ihraam in the Hajj or Umrah acts. If you kill someone as intentionally, then there is a condition of penalty in that state. 

Above all, there are so many more of the critical and significant guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to the act of Ihraam performance. We are sure that this post stood much helpful for you. Follow them up carefully!