Feminine veiling the modesty in Islam

Posted on 11/07/2015

Islam has greatly emphasized the concept of modesty in the interaction between opposite genders. Quran and Hadith teach both the male and female regarding modesty. Muslim men are commanded to lay down their lustful gaze at women in order to prevent any temptation and same with the case of women, they are commanded to wear hijab and not to show their adornment to others except their hubbies.
Veiling or Hijab refers to covering the whole body, particularly face of a woman. However, there are various forms of Hijab, the most predominant form of hijab worn by Muslim women is a scarf that covers the head and neck, but leaves the face clear, but according to the spirit of Islam this type of hijab is not recommended as it doesn’t cover the face by which a Muslim woman is prohibited to show, so the types which are recommended in Islam is the full face and body covering hijab that covers not only the face but also the whole body.

Hijab preserve the chastity of a woman being protected unnecessary attentions:

Allah preserves the chastity and purify the heart and mind of a woman by Hijab as it is commanded by Allah and Allah knows the best. Hijab identifies a Muslim woman with high moral standard and it reduces the chances of being harassed. A woman in hijab feels herself more comfortable, relaxed and protected and it is easy for her to communicate with others being protected by the unnecessary attention from males while going to market or other professional environment.

Covering the head, face and body doesn’t mean degradation and oppression, but it is a commandment of Allah the most exalted, Hijab is the sign of purity and dignity as it makes a woman modest, and sets her from the immoral behavior associated with women. While wearing the hijab a woman is less likely to be exposed of her beauty and adornment that leads a source of her protection.

Social and technical benefits of Hijab beyond the religious thoughts:

The hijab has benefited a Muslim woman by focusing people to go just on the physical traits of a woman what most people think about a woman rather it changes the mentality of men with intellectual traits of a woman. Hijab cuts down the competition among women, the realistic standard of beauty, the outer appearance of a woman.

Being less conscious of physical appearance and physique while in Hijab, a woman feels more confident in personality because women are naturally so worried about their physical appearance and feel so uncomfortable in co-gathering having looked other women dressed up glorious adornment and outer shining appearance that leads to lose the confidence and their personality.

In the view of cosmetic and medical, Hijab protects the face, skin and hairs by side effects of sun exposure, so there is no need to spend extra money on skin care, sun blocks as hijab protects by all these environmental side effects. Wearing the hijab doesn’t have any demerits rather it has a great advantages, those who wear hijab have more strength and confidence and become less aware of their physical appearance which makes them happy and relaxed.

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