What Are The Facilities Provided To UK Muslims In Saudi Arabia In Ramadan?

Posted on 30/03/2019

This can be called a misconception that the people who are Muslims and are coming to Saudi Arabia are most likely to get not so much facilities as provided to those coming from Muslim countries. This is the weirdest idea and it is a misconception but thankfully it is not that much common. Same is the case that probably UK Muslims think of. If we talk about the time of Umrah and Hajj, there was a time when there were not so many facilities and ways for British Muslims to go on their sacred trip due to the problems in their homeland. Now the situation is a lot better and in the month of Ramadan too, UK Muslims enjoy all the facilities and the freedom without any restrictions.
The Facilities Are The Same The facilities that are provided to UK Muslims are the same as provided to those coming from other countries. The facilities that are offered during Hajj and Umrah are also the same. The pilgrims enjoy all the available resources for their service. Likewise, the restrictions that are applied to everyone must also apply to them. Like all the countries the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also has specific rules which need to be implemented in any case and everyone has to comply with them.
A Number Of Packages For Umrah And Hajj There was a time when there were not so many options available to the UK Muslims in the UK for Umrah and Hajj. This was due to the fact that the government had not made things easier for them or opened new ways to make them able to enjoy the best deals. In contradiction to that, at that time as well, UK Muslims enjoyed all the facilities given to the pilgrims by the Saudi government. Now they are also able to enjoy plenty of packages and deals offered to them.
A Number Of Travel Agencies The fact that now UK Muslims can enjoy a number of Ramadan Umrah Packages is due to the reason that there are a lot of travel agencies working in the UK. This way the journey of Hajj and Umrah is made a lot easier, thanks to the British and Saudi government who made this all possible for the Muslims of the UK.
Those Living In Saudi Arabia Muslims who are living in Saudi Arabia and are the British Muslims have the opportunity to do Umrah and Hajj like others. They will encounter no restriction. In the month of Ramadan, they can observe the whole month the way it is done with the utmost reverence. They will feel no misgiving or any hurdle in what they do as Muslims. Fasting for the whole month of Ramadan and the time when the fast is completed (called ‘Iftaar’), the same practices are seen to be done. Moreover, in the gatherings all the Muslims eat, drink and enjoy like one family on special occasions. This is how all the Muslims are treated in that sacred land.