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  • Non Shifting VIP Package

    15 Nights Package
  • 10 Days Makkah: Dar Al Tawheed Intercontinental
    Check In:17-September
    Check In:27-September

  • £ 13295
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  • Non Shifting 5 Star Package

    15 Nights Package
  • 10 Days Makkah: HILTON SUITES
    Check In:17-September

    5 Days Madinah: AL HARAM
    Check In:27-September

  • £ 7295
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  • Shifting

    15 Nights Package
  • 10 Days Makkah: AZIZYAH APARTMENT
    Check In: 17-September

    5 Days Madinah: SOFAARA AL HUDA
    Check In: 27-September

  • £ 4495
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Pilgrimage (Hajj) to Makkah with Appealing Travel Company

Hajj is regarded as the fifth pillar in Islam, the most fundamental constituent of Islamic Building that is mandatory for every Muslim to perform at least once in the whole life who is physically and financially capable of bearing all the dues related to the Pilgrimage. So it is the obligation for a Muslim who is physically fit and can bear the expenditures of the journey of the holy Kabbah to pilgrimage the sacred land, in case of deny there are severe consequences for those who don't go for pilgrimage being capable of doing so.
According to the law of the Saudi-Arab the hajj cannot be performed without approval the application that is submitted if one wants to go for pilgrimage.
There are several companies that assist people to arrange for holy journey,
We are one of the leading company supplying various kinds of Hajj Packages for those who are wishing to go towards the holy city of Makkah to perform pilgrimage with excellent services.

There are so many different kinds of packages including 5 start hajj packages 2015 from the UK, especially for those who can bear the high expenses and want to avoid any trouble during the whole tour of Hajj.
Hajj is the dream of every Muslim as it has many benefits and blessing of Allah to purify oneself from all the sins which he/she had done in the previous life and gets purified just like the he is born on the day. The reward can be achieved by performing the Hajj, by traveling the holy city Makkah and by performing all the rites of Hajj.
The hajj can be performed by selecting the Hajj Packages UK 2015 provided by We are having all the facilities of the journey and additional services as well.

Reliable Hajj Packages for Pilgrims:
The people who want to go for pilgrimage via scheduled packages can select the Non Shifting Hajj Packages from the UK to reach the destination place the holy land on scheduled date in order to avoid the inconvenience of flights and documentation process. As every Muslim has to perform Pilgrimage being physically fit and capable of affordable expenses at least once in the lifetime so there are Low cost Hajj packages from the UK have been arranged by Cheap Umrah Package.org.uk for those who cannot bear Luxurious Hajj packages to make it possible that every Muslim can fulfil his/her religious obligation.
There are many other cheapest Hajj 2015 packages are available on the website that are arranged for middle-class people to offer the most mandatory religious duty assigned by Allah. Cheap 2015 Hajj deals the clients to arrange the holy journey and to choose the facilities that are suitable for them and exclude the other which cannot suite and in order to reduce the charge of the package.
Affordable Hajj packages 2015 can be selected by the pilgrims to make the holy journey possible.
The decision of choosing the our Travel Agency would be surely proved the best option as the traveler provider for one's hajj in the current year.

Specifically Dssesigned Hajj Packages:
Most of the people among Muslims perform Hajj as their religious duty almost once a time in the lifetime due to various reasons as everyone cannot afford abroad journey again and again and some cannot do so due to personal or business matter, so it must be in the way that one could not forget the holy journey and without any trouble. The best 2015 Hajj packages 2015 are presented by the (Cheap Umrah Package.org.uk) in order to make the visit so special for pilgrims.
There are several distinct options have been made by the CheapUmrahPackage according to the nature of visitor and separately arranged for our clients. Some people cannot perform such a religious duty, having any type of trouble, so they need to have specific hajj packages 2015 so that they can offer the rites of the hajj in a peaceful environment. By selecting luxurious hajj packages 2015 one can abstain from any inconvenience regarding boarding, residence and transport problem, as it is specially arranged for the people who can bear expenses and want to make their holy journey so remembering.
For the people who want to perform their obligatory religious duty in groups, Group Hajj packages from London, Manchester, Birmingham and from Bradford are available. Group hajj leads several advantages as it is easy to perform rites of hajj while in the group as compare to perform individually, that's why some people offer rites collectively.
In order to make the holy journey possible, generally people have to get the guidance and assistance by the Hajj travel Agencies which arrange the documentation process and other manage the boarding of passengers.

Additional Services Provided by the Hajj Travelers:
There are several other services which are provided by the Travel agencies, including ticketing, document approval procedure etc.
We are also reserving Ticketing services for their clients with dedicated Airlines in the most convenient way to reduce the burden of the visitors while preparing for a pilgrimage. We delivers professional Hajj services to the clients residents of UK associated with visit, residence, food plan, flight schedules and various others.